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Young Israel of San Diego

Young Israel of San Diego welcomes you. Our community is known for its warmth, caring, and friendliness. 

Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance are welcome.  Please contact us for more information. Our office number is: 619-589-1447.  Email us:

Click here for our calendar of davening times, classes, and upcoming events. 

Membership Information:  

Click here for our on-line membership membership application.  You may also contact us to discuss membership levels and dues.  Call our office at 619-589-1447, ext., 201 or email us at:

Our location

7289 Navajo Road

 San Diego, CA 92119

We are located in San Diego East County, in  the

beautiful community of San Carlos. We are located

about 4 miles San Diego State University; from the 

College Ave Exit off the Interstate 8 Freeway, go North.

Young Israel of San Diego


7289 Navajo Road
San Diego, CA 92119







A Message From Rabbi Chaim Hollander









Our shul has been in existence since 1989.  We service the Del Cerro and San Carlos Jewish communities.  We provide many with the opportunity to fulfill their spiritual needs and to come closer to the service of G-d whether it be through minyanim, classes or simply being there when people need us.

          However, we must also look forward and reach out and touch the lives of so many more people.  Rabbi Frand often points out that Ya’akov, our forefather, saw a vision of the Angels climbing up and down on a ladder.  Why did the vision include a ladder?  He answered that a ladder wasn’t made to be stood on.  Either you go up or go down on it, so too in Judaism.  We can never be satisfied with our accomplishments and rest on our laurels.  We must constantly strive to move forward.

Rabbi Chaim Hollander

(619)  589-1447

Mon, 20 February 2017 24 Shevat 5777