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Young Israel of San Diego welcomes you


YISD is a member of the Young Israel family of synagogues. We strive to provide our members and visitors with a meaningful and inspiring prayer and Torah learning  environment.

Located at 7289 Navajo Road in the beautiful east county community of San Carlos, Young Israel of San Diego welcomes Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance.  
Please contact us for more information. Our office number is: 619-589-1447.  
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Click here for our calendar of davening times, classes, and upcoming events.

Excerpt from Rabbi's Letter on the Tragic Event at the Poway Chabad

The Young Israel of San Diego Leadership Team and I are saddened by news of the tragic attack Sunday morning at the Chabad of Poway. We wish condolences to the family of Lori Kaye (Leah bat Tzippora), Hy"d, and to all affected. We also wish a speedy recovery to Noya bat Eden, Alon ben Sara Imeinu, and Rabbi Goldstein (Yisroel ben Chana Priva).

The Leadership Team takes your continued safety very seriously. Every board meeting includes discussion of safety measures, and we are taking active steps in improving our security. We certainly expect your input and concerns during the May 7 planning meeting. Until then, we continue to do everything possible to maintain your welfare. Along with our efforts, it is important to realize that ultimate security comes from the Guardian of Israel. This is a time to join in prayer with the Chabad community, the entire Jewish people, and all good people everywhere.

Blessings for all of us,

Rabbi Hollander

Kiddush Sponsors

Contact the office to reserve your kiddush:                                     619.589.1447 or 



A Message From Rabbi Hollander

 Our shul has been in existence since 1989.  We service the Del Cerro  and San Carlos Jewish communities.  We provide many with the  opportunity to fulfill their spiritual needs and to come closer to the  service of G-d whether it be through minyanim, classes or simply  being there when people need us.

 However, we must also look forward and reach out and touch the  lives of so many more people.  Rabbi Frand often points out that  Ya’akov, our forefather, saw a vision of the Angels climbing up and  down on a ladder.  Why did the vision include a ladder?  He  answered that a ladder wasn’t made to be stood on.  Either you go  up or go down on it, so too in Judaism.  We can never be satisfied  with our accomplishments and rest on our laurels.  We must  constantly strive to move forward.

                                                                                                       Rabbi Chaim Hollander


Fri, May 24 2019 19 Iyyar 5779